Techniques of Integration Decision Tree

In Calculus 2, one of the most difficult parts about doing integrals is deciding what technique of integration you should use for a given problem.  In order to help student practice making decision, I have constructed a decision tree .  Here, I list start off by listing the first question.  Based on the answer, this will lead to another question.  If you click the yes or no buttons, the questions will change in order to help you decide what technique to use.

Note that, technically this is not a tree since there are cycles in the directed graph giving by the choices.  Eventually you will be broken out of any cycle.  If, however, you note that you are repeating questions, you may have to reevaluate the answers you are giving.  Otherwise, you should ask for help on the given problem.

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Simplify the problem if you can.

Can you guess the answer?