Calculus Lecture Notes: Precalculus Review


We provide lecture notes and a power point presentation for a precalculus review that can be given at the beginning of a calculus class.


The following lecture notes are ones that I have developed over the past years as I have been teaching Calculus. You will see that there are three types of documents enclosed. The first, the long lecture notes, are meant to help a first time instructor. These provide motivation for the material and how it’s being taught. Furthermore, they include suggestion for how to present topics and what your focus should be on.

The short lecture notes are what I normally bring to class. By the time I lecture on material, I have a good understanding of what I want to say and accomplish. The short notes remind me of the examples I picked to go through with class and highlights that I need to hit. They are really meant to remind me in the case I forget where I am.

Lastly, I have included a power point presentation for the material. Why I don’t always use power point, I have actually found this extremely useful during this spring 2020 semester when I have had to teach remotely. By writing the examples and definitions down for the students on power point, it has saved time and board space over trying to write everything out by hand. I have only used power point in the classroom when I have had enough board space left over after the using the projector that I can still write on the board. Even though the examples are on the power point, I will work through the examples by hand on the board. I also make these available to my students ahead of time so that, if they wish, they can use the a print out for note taking purposes allowing them to focus more on what I am saying.

However you decide to use the notes and the power point, I hope they make your preparation easier and save you time in structuring your lecture. Hopefully you can spend this time doing something else that will be helpful to your students, or just by taking a moment to breath.


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