Algebraic Structures

Welcome to MATH 404-Algebraic Structures. I look forward to a wonderful semester together.

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Exam Dates 001

Exam 1: 2/10/20 Practice Exam 1
Exam 2: 3/4/20 Practice Exam 2
Exam 3: 4/6/20 Practice Exam 3
Final Exam: 5/4/20 12:30 PM
Final Review

Other Dates

  • First Day of Classes: 1/13
  • Last Day to Add/Drop: 1/19
  • No Classes: 1/20
  • Spring Break:3/8-3/15
  • Last Day to Withdraw:3/20
  • Last Day of Classes: 4/28

Course materials

Website Resources

  • We will be using the book as a reference and assignments will be given out of the book, so it is required you get a copy of the book. I know the list print price is high, so I would suggest considering renting a copy of the book, purchasing a used book, purchasing or renting the e-text book, or even purchasing a previous edition of the book.

Class After Break

I hope you’re having a fun and safe extended spring break.

When break is over, as per the school’s decision to help stop the spread of corona virus, we will not be having in person classes. In order to facilitate having classes online, I will be using some of the tools I already set up as well as incorporating new programs.

I will be live streaming lectures on YouTube during the usual class meeting time. During the lecture I hope you will join. I highly suggest subscribing to the YouTube channel and signing up for notifications so that you are informed when class is starting. Hopefully this will help you make it to the stream.

In case you haven’t visited the channel yet, the YouTube channel is Doctor Albert’s Chalkboard. You do not need to set up a YouTube account, since you can sign in using your VCU email. If you do subscribe and turn notifications on, you will be sent an update when the account goes live.

On YouTube, you can type in comments, and I will see them and respond. However, I wanted to additionally give you the opportunity to voice chat with me. I have created a discord server for this purpose. You will need to download and sign up for discord, which can be done here. You can use your computer or use the app on your phone. You will then need to join the server I created, Doctor Albert’s Chalkboard.

I would highly recommend setting these up as soon as possible to ensure that you have them working. However, the first day back may be spent trying to work out the kinks involved in transitioning to a new lecture style.

Homework and Exams

There will be some changes to the grading system going forward due to the situation we are in.

I will no longer be able to take attendance, so your attendance grade will be based off your current attendance score.

Homework will continue to be assigned and collected on blackboard as it has been.

The exams will be changed to a take home format. From the date the exam is scheduled, you will have until the next class period to turn in the exam via blackboard. The submission process will be the same as for the homework.

If you have questions let me know. However, I may not directly reply if it is a common question, instead I will update you here on blackboard.