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My Last Couple of Months

Hello mathematicians! I’m sure for all of us, the last few months have been a crazy time. Since, I haven’t written a new post in a couple months, I wanted to share how some of that time has gone for me.


In my last post, I let you know that my classes had been moved online due to corona virus precautions. This definitely led to a lot of time trying to restructure my classes and rewrite lectures.

As I began to teach online, I started by live-streaming my lectures on YouTube. The first day of classes was rough, as I had to deal with computer issues and trolls infiltrating the stream. After this first day, things went pretty smoothly. I know that being in class would have offered for more interaction, but the students seem to appreciate the that they were able to comment and ask questions during the lecture. It was fun to be able to interact with them despite being at home.

Then, my computer broke. While I would have gone out and got another one or fixed it faster, there were a limited number of options available at the time due to not being able to just run out to the store. So, I got out my old computer and got to work.

I had to end the streams, because my old computer couldn’t handle live streaming. I then switched to prerecorded lectures. This was definitely not as fun, but at least class was able to continue.

In the end, despite the technical issues, I think the classes turned out alright. I got through what I needed to and the students seemed to understand the material. I would definitely like to do more online teaching; however, it would be nice to be able to have more time to plan everything out in the future.

Here is a link to one of the lectures, in case you are interest in seeing how these turned out.


As soon as classes ended, my family and I moved half way across the country from Virginia to Illinois. This meant that, even while classes were still ongoing, we were packing and preparing to list our house for sale. This added even more craziness to the already hectic time.

When it came time to move, Paula’s parents came out to help us. Even though we had tried to pack as much as possible, there was still a lot to do when they got there. It was a crazy two days running at full speed, putting boxes into the trailer we rented and cleaning up the house so it was ready to go. Even thinking about it, I can feel my stress level rising. I am extremely thankful for the help we had.

After that, there was a house to sell. While it has been a journey, especially since we had to do most of this remotely, we luckily had an offer that we accepted within a couple of days. Of course, we then had to deal with the inspection and some repairs. The closing is now scheduled for Friday, so I just hope everything goes smoothly and we can move on.

Goodbye house.

I feel I’ve been sparse on the details, but even thinking about this endeavor is stressing me out. If you would like more details, leave questions in the comment section and I’ll either answer them or write another post focused on this.

New House

The new house has been great. We have more room inside and out, and the kids have been loving it. Even though we’ve been limited on where we can go, we’ve had a great time just going out in the yard and playing.

After all the stress, it has been nice just to take some time to play with the kids. Teddy has begun crawling and pulling himself up. Arthur is settling in and speaking more and more. I’m looking forward to spending even more time with them, and will give you more updates in the future.


Thank you for reading! I will be posting more often now that I’ve had some time to recover from the whirlwind couple of months I’ve had. I hope you have been safe and healthy and continue to stay so.

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