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Setting off for the New World

Hello Mathematicians! I do enjoy my video games and I have posted about a number from time to time. Today, I wanted to take a break from working on abstract algebra proofs to talk about a new game I’m excited about.


Amazon games is releasing their first game and it will be an open world MMO. The game is centered in the 17th century on an island that is unknown to the rest of the world. In this newly discovered land, the ground swells with a magical mineral that affects everyone and everything on the island. These affects are varied, but largely enhance the existing properties of the inhabitants. For more on this, I have included the official video released to explain the game.

My Excitement

Upon watching the trailer, I felt the setting was extremely compelling. As the developers see it, the goal of the game is to explore a newly found area. As the community goes out and explores, they will be settling or colonizing the island in order to push back the wild. It seems that they are attempting to recreate the romanticism and adventure of colonization that was occurring during this period of time. The exploration aspect of seeing things for the first time, and trying to tame it to create a place of your own is extremely compelling.

In this game, they attempted to recreate an approximation of realty in that you will indeed need to overcome the difficulties that nature throws at you just to survive. However, while you are trying to do so, you will also need to fight other players that want to make their own claims to the land you are interested in. It sets itself up for conflict on a large scale as we had seen in our own history. Below is a video where the developers explain this in their own words.

Recent Changes

If we recall our history; however, we will remember that this time of colonization was not as glamorous as we want to remember it. Indeed murder, pillaging and slavery were rampant. As a whole, the immoral preyed upon the week in any way to could. These people saw the indigenous flora, fauna and people were theirs to exploit. Furthermore, once they became settled, new settlers were also fair game.

According what the developers released today, history repeated itself during the alpha of the game. Because of this they have made significant changes to the way PVP works in the game. You can see there explanation in the video below.

There has been a general outcry from people saying they really wanted the free for all PVP they were expecting. In fact, you can tell from the comments on the video that those people that are outspoken about the game are very upset.

I on the other hand, appreciate that they did something to keep people from killing the week new players that haven’t had time to build their skills up. Occasionally, I want the thrill of fighting off everyone that views me as a target. However, I’m really happy that the game won’t consist of constantly looking over your shoulder to see if someone is trying to take you out and steal all of your belongings. I am appreciative that there will be times I can relax a little bit and focus on all the npcs trying to kill me.

More Information

I look forward to hearing more about what exactly the will look like over the coming months. I have indeed pre-ordered the game so that I can get in and play the game during beta in April. When this happens, I plan on streaming through Twitch and posting more information here to give you a more complete picture of what I think, so be sure to check in.

You can find more information at official website. If the game sounds interesting, check it out on Amazon and let me know that you plan to play!

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