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Cloth Diaper Tag!

I’ve recently stumbled across the cloth diaper tag that circulated around blogs and YouTube channels a few months back. Seeing as our family loves our cloth diapers I thought it would be fun to participate even if we are a little late to the party!

Justin and I thought it would be fun to do this tag together, so below you will find answers from both of us.

1. What is your favorite cloth diaper in your stash?

Paula: That’s hard to answer. I like a lot of things and my favorites change over time or as my family’s diaper needs change. At this very moment I love Best Bottoms with Cloth-eez prefolds.

Justin BumGenius Elemental in the Albert print.

2. What is your favorite cloth diaper print or solid to ever exist?

Paula: Again, this is tough to answer because one of the reasons I love cloth is all the colors and prints. If I had to choose…maybe Martha by Nicki’s Diapers. I feel like I could have many diapers in that print and they could all have different bum placements which would be fun.

Justin Albert print by BumGenius. The original one.

BumGenius Elementals in the Albert print.

3. What is your favorite cloth diaper brand?

Paula: Wow, another tough one. If I could only pick one I would probably go with Best Bottoms.

Justin BumGenius

4. What is your favorite cloth diaper style?

Paula: Prefolds and covers.

Justin All-in-ones.

BestBottom shells and Cloth-eez prefolds.

5. What is your favorite cloth diaper fold?

Paula: The pad fold is my favorite. We have not tried flats, so my experience in this department is limited, but the pad fold is easy and it gets the job done.

Justin Pad fold.

6. Do you prefer snaps or hook and loop?

Paula: Snaps

Justin Snaps

7. What are your favorite cloth diaper fasteners?

Paula: We don’t use fasteners, but I do have a few pairs of pins on hand should the need arise. I have used them on the rare occasion and I’m happy to have them on hand, but I don’t normally use any type of fastener.

Justin None.

8. What is your current overnight strategy?

Paula: I’m actually really excited to answer this question. I am currently using an Imagine XL pocket diaper. I removed the microfiber insert that it came with and I use the diaper as a cover. I pair it with either a Cloth-eez XL Prefold or a Cloth-eez XL fitted and a fleece liner. So far it’s working great!

Justin Change the diaper throughout the night.

A Cloth-eez XL prefold and a Cloth-eez XL fitted.

9. What is your favorite booster, doubler or insert for cloth diapers?

Paula: I really like Best Bottom hemp inserts and I have some cotton flannel boosters that I made that I enjoy as well.

Justin Prefolds.

10. What is your favorite swim diaper?

Paula: We have two iPlay swim diapers that I like. We have also used just an empty cover and that worked great too.

Justin An empty cover.

11. Do you have a favorite diaper cream?

Paula: We have only tried CJ’s Butter. It has worked well for our needs, so I haven’t felt the need to explore other options. I did recently purchase some LuSa Booty Balm to try, so we’ll see if I like that too.

Justin No preference.

Some of our diaper creams with a Nicki’s Diapers Newborn Ultimate All in One and two BumGenius Littles.

12. Favorite wet bag or dirty diaper storage solution?

Paula: I like Planet Wise products for diaper storage.

Justin No preference. We have tried a hanging wet bag as well as a pail liner. The pail liner holds more, but they both work well.

So many fun prints!

13. How do you store clean diapers?

Both: In the dresser drawers.

14. What are your favorite wipes?

Paula: I made 2-ply cotton flannel wipes. I have some that are 6×6 and some that are 8×8. I prefer the 8×8 size.

Justin The ones that Paula made.

15. What is your favorite cloth wipe solution?

Paula: We just use water.

Justin None. I do not have a favorite.

16. What is your favorite retailer to buy cloth diapers from?

Paula: I enjoy Green Mountain Diapers, Nicki’s Diapers and Cotton Babies.

Justin Paula buys enough diapers that I don’t need to. However, I usually buy everything from Amazon.

17. Favorite cloth diaper blogger/vlogger /Instagrammer?

Paula: I recently found Jay’s Nest and The Cloth Diaper Podcast and I’m enjoying the content they provide to their audiences. I also really enjoyed TheBubblush…she hasn’t uploaded in years, but I found her videos years back on YouTube and found them really helpful so she is usually the first person I think of.

Justin Paula.

18. Share a cloth diaper tip or trick.

Paula: Do what works for you. Pick a few things to try and go from there based on what works for you.

Justin I like to have multiple of the same diaper so I get into a routine and don’t need to do something different every time.

Justin and I with our newest cloth diaper baby Teddy!

Thank You!

We really enjoyed participating in this tag and sharing our thoughts with you. Let us know in the comments if you participated in this tag as well so we can check out your answers!

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