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Park, Baby and Sleep Deprivation

It has been a couple weeks since my last post, Welcome Home Teddy!, about the arrival of my son. Since then, there has been a lot going on, and I have wanted to share much of it with you. However, every time I sit at the computer to write a post, the words just won’t come. My mind has been in a state of perpetual haze during this time due to sleep deprivation. I know this won’t be the most elegant or detailed of posts, but I wanted to write something to let you know whats been going on.

Tuesday’s at the Park

I had hoped to be able to continue to do the park visits every Tuesday in order to keep some regularity in Arthur’s schedule. The day after we got home from the hospital with Teddy, we were even able to make a trip out and have some fun at the park together (video here). However, it rained last Tuesday and we were unable to make it to the park.

Today, it was gloomy out, but the weather wasn’t terrible. It was chilly, but not cold, so we decided to go to the park. Upon arriving at the park, however, we realized the ground and all the play equipment was wet. Since it was chilly I know we wouldn’t be able to stay too long, because Arthur would get cold after he got wet. I did want to give Arthur as much time playing as possible, so I did let him go and run around. He began the day by running up the play equipment and going down the slide. At the bottom of the slide, he tried to get himself up and off the slide. Then he slipped and he to the ground at the bottom.

As he started to cry, I ran over to him and picked him up to comfort him. As I did so, though, I noticed that there was blood all over his face. In the fall, Arthur had managed to bite his lip and it was bleeding pretty well. This made a quick end to the day at park. I brought him back to the car to get the bleeding stopped then brought him home to clean him up.

After today’s experience and last week’s no trip, I wanted to let you know that the Tuesday’s at the Park won’t likely continue on a weekly basis. Since it is November, the weather will continue to get worse. I don’t want to say I’ll make a weekly trip just to have the weather not cooperate. Instead, I’ll try to head out whenever the weather cooperates. Make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel if you want to know when new ones come out.


Teddy has been a wonderful baby boy. He has been eating, a lot, sleeping and relieving himself. Everything a baby should do.

Even though he has been a good quiet baby, he is still a baby. He requires plenty attention and needs to be fed every couple of hours. When we brought Arthur home, two years ago, there was a much bigger learning curve. Going from having no children to having one child did change every aspect of life. While the learning curve isn’t quite as large this time around, it is still a lot more work having two kids instead of one.

With one kid, you can sleep when the sleep. Taking naps during the day whenever the baby is sleeping is a must so that you don’t become overly tired. However, it now seems that Arthur and Teddy are conspiring to keep either of us from sleeping. Arthur is awake during the day, so we can’t nap during the day. Then, whenever Teddy needs to be fed at night, he tends to wake up Arthur when he’s crying. When this happens, I have to get up and tend to Teddy while also trying to look after Arthur. Which really means that both Paula and are up the entire Teddy is being fed. As such, neither of us get sleep during the day, or at night, so it has been a couple weeks since we’ve gotten any real amount of sleep.

Even with that said, I should note we’ve been extremely lucky. Paula’s mother has been here since helping out since the day before Teddy came. Also, my mother was her for the first week after Teddy got here. Their help has been amazing and without it, I’m not sure where we’d be, because we would have gotten even less sleep. Plus all the help cooking and cleaning has helped to keep the house from falling apart under us, so I am extremely grateful.


At this point, I know there are plenty more details that I would love to share with. I’d like to go into more detail about different things that have happened, or talk about work. However, my mind is hazing over again and I’m not sure I can continue to put together a story.

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask and I would be happy to fill you in on how things have been going. Otherwise, I will try to post as frequently as my mind allows. In a few months, when things start to calm down, I will try to get on a more regular posting schedule again.

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