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Welcome Home Teddy!

We have had a very exciting few days. Teddy has decided that it was time to be born, so we have welcomed him into the world. We want to share the experience with you, so please read below and watch the video!

Today is a good day for a birthday

Over the past two weeks, Paula has been trying to talk Teddy into coming everyday. Every morning, she would turn to me and say, “Tell Teddy that today is a good day for a birthday.” So, I would oblige her and do so. Throughout the day, she would talk to Teddy and try to convince him or bargain with him to come so that she would no longer have to be pregnant.

On Saturday, we went through this procedure as usual. However, on Saturday, Paula’s mom flew in to help us out in case the baby did come. When she arrived, Paula also made her mother tell Teddy that today would be a good day for a birthday. After this, all of us visited and talked until Paula had to leave for work at 3:00 PM.

As she left, her mother went to her hotel to get settled in, Arthur and I laid down for a nap, and Paula got ready for a long night at work.

It’s Baby Time

I open my eyes and see Arthur staring at me. He pushing against me as if to say, “Daddy, WAKE UP!” At his urging, I pulled myself out of bed and picked him up.

As we headed down stair, I started to plan out what to make for dinner. Should I make mac n’ cheese, a sandwich, or should we go out somewhere? Before I could formulate a plan in my head, the phone rang.

“Hello?” I answered.
“What are you up to,” Paula replied.
“I’m trying to feed Arthur.”
“Well, hurry that up, I’m on my way home.” At this point, she still hadn’t mentioned what was going on. While I had a good guess, I still wasn’t sure.
“I’m leaking fluids and I’m coming home because I think that means my water broke.”
“Alright! I’ll be ready when you get here,” my voice went up an octave and the adrenaline started kicking in. Wait a minute, “You’re leaking fluids, like a car?”
“Shut up and just get ready, my mom will be coming soon to watch Arthur.” Paula said as she hung up the phone.

Despite the excitement I went about getting dressed and getting Arthur ready.


Paula runs in the door and starts throwing questions at me. Do you do this or that? Is this thing in the car, is that thing ready to go? As she heads up stairs her voice trails off.

“Where you going?” I shout up to her.
“I have to get changed before we go.”

She then proceeds to get change and looks for various things that I’ve already stated I’ve put in the car. However, I am finally able to tell her, “your mother hasn’t arrived yet.” So she gets on the phone and calls her mom to see where she is.

As Paula is holding the phone to her ear, a car pulls up and her mother gets out. She shouts through the open door, “I know you’re calling, Paula, but I can’t answer at the moment.” Paula then turns around and sees her. At this, she shouts back and starts to go through a huge list of things she wants her mother to know; this is located her, Arthur likes this and doesn’t like that, …

As she continues, I have to cut, “Your mom will be fine, we have to go!”
“Ok, ok.” Paula finally starts to walk toward the door.

To the hospital

After finally getting Paula into the car to drive to the hospital, she is now ready to turn her attention to me. “Hurry up! If I have a car baby, I swear to God …” She trails off and makes me imagine what she’ll do if we don’t make it to the hospital. I think to myself, “Wow, I was just the one saying we needed to leave.” Glad I didn’t say that at the time at least.

The entire car ride was extremely nerve wracking, but it passed without incident. We get the hospital and park in the parking garage. We then walk into the hospital and I was feeling confident I remembered where to go from last time.

However, we went up an elevator to the 6th floor for labor and delivery. As we looked around, we were not at labor and delivery. Instead, we were in some random area and no one was around. We hopped back on the elevator, went up a floor, then down two floors to see if we got the floor wrong. Nope, labor and delivery wasn’t here and we couldn’t even find anyone to help us along.

We finally head back to the main floor and start walking toward where we think an information desk is. On the way, however, we found a security guard. As the security guard was going to walk past, I walked up to her and said, “Excuse, can you please help us find labor and delivery?” She looks at me and I see a quirk smirk go across her face that gives the impression that she found this comical. Maybe she’s seen this enough that is was, but she very politely turned around and said, “Follow me, I’ll show you where to go.”

She then, very kindly, walks us to a different set of elevator and tells us to go the 6th floor. When we do, we walk out the doors to find labor and delivery. We made it.


After checking into the hospital, everything slowed down drastically. When we had Arthur, we had barely been checked into the department before Arthur decided that he was ready to go. This time around; however, things took a lot longer.

We went back to get triage as Paula had told them, “I think my water broke, but maybe there’s something else going on.” They get around to seeing us, unsure if she was actually in labor. They finally check her, and indeed, Paula’s water had broken, but she wasn’t very dilated. So we sat around while they got things ready.

At this point, Paula started to calm down slightly. Here biggest fear was that she would have the baby in the car. We were at the hospital and knew the baby would be coming. So her worst fear hadn’t come true. We settled in.

After the triage room, we were brought to the delivery room. The delivery room, as we knew from last time, was a huge room. It was extremely spacious with various things meant to make the mother and everyone else feel at ease. So we sat down. The adrenaline wore off, and both of us ended up falling asleep.

It’s time

Here, I’m going to be vague. Basically, there was some screaming and some pain. Then, Teddy was here! After 9 hours of labor, Theodore Winston Albert was born at 3:35 AM, weighing in at 8 pounds 6 ounces and 19.5 inches long.


We’ve spent the last day in the mother and infant unit trying to rest as much as possible. Teddy has been a great sleeper, and has only cried when he was hungry. With the rest we were able to get, Paula has started to feel much better than she did during delivery. Teddy didn’t have any issues that concerned the doctors. After doing there checks and observations, they were happy to let us go home, which is where we now are.

It was great getting to introduce Arthur to Teddy, which you can see in the video. Now, we have a new life to start and figure out. Our family has grown to 4 and we looking forward to the adventures we’ll have. Make sure to join us along the way by subscribing to the YouTube channel!

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