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Halloween at the Park

Hello mathematicians! Another Tuesday has come, so Arthur, Paula and I spent another day at the park. With Halloween coming this week, we have a special edition for you. Today, we were joined by a special guest, and we ran into a lot of wonderful things. We had fun on the park equipment, as always, but we also got a walk in and enjoyed nature and the animal life.

Special Guest

The Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town joined us this week for our Tuesday at the Park with his partner Pikachu! If you don’t know who Ash or Pikachu are, then you must not be a fan of Pokémon, but they are both a pretty big deal.

Both Paula and I are Pokémon fans, so we really enjoyed dressing Arthur up. In general, he really likes playing with his Pikachu plush, so it seemed like a good costume for him. For the costume, we worked with things we already had, a blue shirt, a red hat and the plush. While we could have made him more closely resemble Ash, I thought it was pretty good considering we didn’t get any actual costume supplies.

Continuing with the Pokémon theme, we also inserted some augmented reality into the video using Pokémon Go. Make sure to keep an eye for these in the video.

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We started the day at the park with an exciting surprise, we saw an albino squirrel! I even got some video of it running around. After that, we went and played on the park equipment. However, Arthur seemed more interesting in running around on the trails than he did in playing on the equipment.

albino squirrel

Because Arthur was so interested in the trails, I got a lot of exercise in chasing him. We ran around to the different ponds at the park and played near the water. While there, we got to see some ducks and other animals, so it was really nice. I’m happy he enjoys the scenery, since it is my favorite part of going to the park.

Thank you

Thanks for reading and watching the video. I enjoy being able to share these moments with you. Let us know what you or your kids dressed up as for Halloween, we’d even enjoy some pictures in the comments!

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