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Baby Name Reveal?!

Hello mathematicians. This week, Arthur and I spent the day at the park. Additionally, however, we also spent time over the weekend shopping for Arthur’s little brother that is due in November. As we were doing our shopping, Paula and I decided we should do a name reveal.

As we did with the pregnancy announcement and the gender reveal, we again decided to make a puzzle out of the name reveal. In this weeks Tuesday’s at the park video, there will be words placed at the top of the video. If you keep track of all the words you will arrive at a sentence. This sentence is an anagram for our babies full name, first middle and last.

We hope you’ll have fun watching through the video and deciphering the name. If you do figure out the name, please comment on the video or here. If someone gets it right, we’ll let you know. Otherwise, check back next week and we’ll be sure to let you know the answer then.

2 thoughts on “Baby Name Reveal?!”

    1. It is Theodore Winston Albert! Thanks for replying, I’m happy today everyone now gets to know.

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