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Cake and Presents

Hello mathematicians! In Park Time with Arthur we spent the day with Arthur at the park for his birthday. However, we ended up saving cake and presents for the weekend so that we could spend the whole day with him not worrying about work.


We began the day with breakfast. I made eggs and sausage and we sat at the table and ate. However, Arthur can be a picky eater. Not in the he will only eat certain things sense, but rather he will only eat when he wants to. As we sat at the table eating, he wanted nothing to do with his food. So, we sat and waited.

While I was working on breakfast, Paula was finishing the cake. As such, she had an icing spatula. When Arthur noticed this, he grabbed and began to hit the table with it. Eventually, however, he realized that he could use it as an eating utensil. At this point, he finally decided to eat. It was fun to watch him try to maneuver the spatula to pick up his eggs and sausage, and it was even better watching as he tried to get the food in his mouth. While it took a while, he did manage to eat his breakfast.


After breakfast, we went upstairs and opened presents. The first present we opened was a toy police car. Which, it turned out, was his favorite of the day. Looking back we probably should have saved this one, because he lost interest in ripping the wrapping paper after this.

We let him play for a while though, and eventually we were able to get him interested in the presents again. He then helped as we opened some wooding puzzles, a counting snail and a fruit balance game. He also got some markers and paper, while he seemed more interested in driving over these with his car at the moment, he really does enjoy drawing all over everything. The big present of the day was from his Grandmother Jane, a Buzz Lightyear. He had a full blown conversation with the talking Buzz and loved hitting the buttons to make him talk.

After all the presents were open, we sat and played as he went in and out of his tent with his new toys. He also got out his old ones so that he could mix them together and have fun. When he was finished playing, we went downstairs and had some cake.


For his birthday cake, Paula made a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting that she topped with chocolate chips. It was absolutely delicious, and you could tell Arthur thoroughly enjoyed it too. He attacked the cake with his fork and continue to eat as long as he could.

Arthur was able to make quite a mess out of himself with all that chocolate. After he was finished eating we cleaned him up and went to play some more. At this point, he was starting to get fussy, so we decided to take a nap. I think the all the excitement had worn him out.


I hope you enjoy sending some time with Arthur and I as we celebrate his birthday. I enjoy spending the time with Arthur and sharing with you, so I would love to continue to share these types of posts and videos with you in the future. If you’d like to join us in the future, make sure to like this post or the video and subscribe to the YouTube channel.

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