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Park Time with Arthur

Hello mathematicians. I hope you’ve had a wonderful start to the semester (if you’ve started already). If you haven’t started, I hope it does go well for you when it does. As per usual, the beginning of the semester has been quite busy. I’ve been getting classes up and running, helping students and helping other instructors get their materials set up. However, this past Tuesday was Arthur’s birthday. So, I took some time away from school work and the computer as much as possible and we spent some time together.

The Park

On Tuesday, my wife Paula had to work in the afternoon, so it was just me and Artie. We went to the park, and I let him run around. Everytime we go out, it’s wonderful to see the way he interacts with everything and the quizzical nature he approaches things with. It reminds me that even things that now seem trivial were once new and excited. After our time together, I always feel a renewed awe and curiosity about the world.

While at the park, I took some video and compiled it together to show all the fun things we did. Some of the fun things about this visit were that we got to see some squirrels, Arthur climbed up the bars for the first time, and he enjoyed playing on a wider variety of objects at the park. I wish I had filmed in landscape instead of portrait mode, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Future Plans

Because Paula was working we haven’t opened presents or done cake with Arthur yet. However, I am really looking forward to this. We plan on doing it Sunday when we both have the full day to spend with him. We do have presents for him to open and Paula will be making a chocolate cake. But, we really haven’t planned much else. If you happen to have any fun ideas for a two year old’s birthday, I’d love to hear what we could do to make the event as fun as possible for him.

Also, while I have been spending most of the time here going over different mathematical problems, I have all the material up that I need for this semester’s classes. As such, I can either spend more time on family posts, or I can start including material about prerequisite classes. I would love to have your input as to what you’d be more interested to see, so please leave a comment below. Thank you!

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