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Exams are done, time to grade.

It was a long week for my students. All of my classes had an exam this week, so the majority of the week was spent studying, go over notes, asking me questions and preparing for the exam. I could feel the tension among them growing all week. Finally as the walked out after taking the exam, they all seemed to take a deep breath and calm down. Even those that didn’t do well are just happy that it is done.

Did they actually study?

This is always a question after the exam, did the students actually study, or did they just sit around and wait for to take the exam? In the past, I haven’t always been sure to the answer. This time around, I really believe that, as a whole they did study.

  • First, I feel tired from all the reviewing. There have been a significant number of students stopping by my office hours or emailing me with various questions. Trying to figure out the best way to answer these questions is always a difficult task. Now that it’s the end of the week, I can really feel the amount of energy it has taken out of me.While this is anecdotal and subjective, I still use it as a way to personally gauge the work they did.
  • This semester, I have been posting a lot of the review material for my students here and on YouTube. I chose to do so because I hoped that going through the effort would help not only my students, but also anyone else that is studying the same material.
    However, an unintended benefit of doing this is that I can the site analytics give me objective data to help determine how much students actually were studying. This week, the website has had over 1800 views. This is double the average number of views I have seen for an entire month prior to this semester. It is wonderful to see that they truly are making use of the material I’ve provided them.
  • The determining factor will really be how well they did on the test, but I can’t really see that until I finish grading and tally the results.

What now?

I’m sure my students are taking a much deserved break after the work they’ve put in this week. While I hope they don’t go overboard, it is always nice to relax a little bit and enjoy yourself.

For me; however, there is now a pile of grading to be done.  I really hope all the studying my students did really pay off.  It would definitely make the grading easier.


I am happy my students studied.  I wanted to share this so that they knew that.  Furthermore, if you are considering offering study help for your students online, I would say that, so far, they have taken advantage of the material they’ve been provided.

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