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π (Pi) Day!

Today is the national holiday of math clubs.  We celebrate \(\pi \approx 3.14\) on March 14, but we also use the occasion to tell math jokes, eat pie and just act a little goofy with numbers.  In honor of \(\pi\) day, I wanted to share some of the different math jokes or memes I’ve seen over the years.

If you would like to learn more about the number \(\pi\), I will refer you to the post Eureka!-Archimedes and π.

Eureka!-Archimedes and π

Quick Thoughts

\(\sqrt{-1}\)  \(8\) \(\pi\), and it was delicious.

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\(\sqrt{-1} < 3 u\).

Dating is scary.

  • Money is the root of all evil
  • Time is money
  • My girlfriend (or boyfriend) takes time and money.
  • Therefore
    \text{my girlfriend (or boyfriend)}&=\text{time} \times \text{money}  \\
    &=\text{money} \times \text{money} \\
    &=\sqrt{\text{evil}} \times \sqrt{\text{evil}} \\

Let’s correct this one.

Asymptotes and functions are like star crossed lovers, they get closer and closer but never meet. Oh, wait what about \(f(x)=\frac{\sin(x)}{x}\) and \(y=0\)?

The integral of a cabin

I have a cabin by the lake, and it is clearly a positive cabin.  As I was sitting in my cabin staring out over the lake, I thought what would happen if I found the 1 divided by this cabin and integrated with respect to the cabin?


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Well in order to answer this, I wrote this down as \[\int \frac{1}{\Uparrow} d \Uparrow=?\]

Try to find the answer yourself before moving on.

My First Thought

My first thought was that

\int \frac{1}{\Uparrow} d \Uparrow&=\ln|\Uparrow| \\
&=\ln(\Uparrow) \\
&=\text{Log cabin}!



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Nice, I would end up with a log cabin 🙂  I thought about this a moment, but realized I was wrong, I wouldn’t end up with a log cabin at all 🙁  What would I get then?

Correct Answer

A houseboat!


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The problem with my original answer was that I forgot the constant of integration.  I should have gotten

\int \frac{1}{\Uparrow} d \Uparrow&=\ln|\Uparrow|+\mathbf{c} \\
&=\ln(\Uparrow) +c\\
&=\text{Log cabin and the sea} \\
&=\text{A houseboat!}


Hopefully this was able to add a little joy to your π day.  If you enjoyed it, make sure to like the post and share it on social media.  If you have any more jokes math jokes you’d like to share, please leave them in the comments below.


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