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Counting and the Alphabet!

Arthur helped me make him some new learning toys this morning. This is a project I have seen floating around Pinterest for some time, but Arthur is just now getting old enough for us to create this for him. It also works out that Easter is right around the corner, so the plastic Easter eggs I used are readily available at local retailers.

Easter eggs with upper and lowercase letters.

We took a package of Easter eggs and with a sharpie, I wrote a capital letter on one half of the egg and a lowercase letter on the other half. We can then, take the eggs apart and allow Arthur to find the matches.

He has been playing with these all morning already and he loves them so far. Arthur is still learning his letters, so I plan to give him just a few eggs with letters written on them to begin with along with some blank ones so he doesn’t feel overwhelmed with having too many options. If your child or students are more proficient with letter identification, perhaps provide them with more eggs to provide a greater challenge.

Arthur playing with his new Easter eggs!

We also made some eggs to help us practice number identification and one-to-one correspondence. For these eggs, I wrote a number on one half of an egg and drew the same number of dots on the other side of the egg.

If you so choose, you can even put small counters in the eggs…maybe small pompoms or small erasers. If your child still puts things in their mouth you may want to use Cheerios or Goldfish because they won’t be harmful if they are eaten.

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