Music Class Update

Previously on the blog, we posted about a music class that Arthur and I were participating in. Well this week, Arthur and I had our last music class of the session. Arthur had a blast! Some of the songs we sing during class are repeated each week, and there is also plenty of new content each week to keep the little ones engaged. The songs we sung also incorporated some music vocabulary such as largo and presto. I especially got a kick out of this, because as you may already know, we are using cloth diapers with Arthur and well some of those diapers are music themed and filled with musical vocabulary.

Each week we used instruments like the tambourine, triangle and bells. During the last two sessions, Arthur picked the bells. He loved walking around and shaking the bells! He also enjoyed softly placing the bells on the floor in front of the fireplace when he was finished as well as searching out some other unaccounted for instruments that he wanted to place in front of the fireplace as well.

This week, we did a new dance about dinosaurs and Arthur enjoyed roaring like a dinosaur and stomping his feet. I was so pleasantly surprised to see that dinosaurs had been incorporated into the class because I am fascinated by dinosaurs and I also really appreciate any opportunity to incorporate STEM material into other subjects. While singing the dinosaur song, we talked about different types of dinosaurs and how they move or eat. We even discussed what it means to be an herbivore!

Overall, Arthur and I had a great time participating in class and we are both looking forward to the next session later this spring. If you enjoyed reading this post, please click the LIKE button! Have you participated in a music class with your children? Let me know in the comments!

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