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Valentine’s Day Teaching Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just a around the corner and with it comes a great opportunity to get students engaged in thematic learning activities. We have compiled a board of Valentine’s Day themed activities for inspiration on our Pinterest.

I have always enjoyed browsing Pinterest for ideas and inspiration when planning lessons or looking for a way to celebrate a holiday with thematic activities. Students are always excited to celebrate a holiday with a special activity and I loved some of the ideas that I found, especially some of the science experiments!

We have compiled a board of learning fun with things ranging from fine motor activities to symmetry and geometry lesson ideas. There are some pins on reading comprehension, writing prompts and science experiments.

This pin is focused on fine motor development and focuses on asking students to cut out a heart shape and then use a hole punch to punch holes in the heart. This activity allows children to practice their scissor skills while developing fine motor skills. The author of the post also mentions using this activity as an assessment of students scissor skills.

Another pin I really enjoyed is this one. It is a compilation of physics centered activities for Valentine’s Day. The author explains how to make the various things as well as the science behind them. With her son, she builds a balloon rocket, a catapult, discusses buoyancy with heart shaped tin foil boats and more. I really enjoyed reading her post and plan on completing these activities with Arthur when he is a bit older.

I would also like to share this one last pin with you today. It is a great handwriting practice page in both print and cursive. This would be a great addition to an elementary age classroom or at home for just a bit of extra writing practice.

I only shared a few pins with you here on the blog so please take a look at our Pinterest board. We have added some really great activities there and would love for you to check them out! Let us know in the comments what special Valentine’s Day activities you are planning with your students! We look forward to hearing from you!

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