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Solving Linear Equations

In today’s video, we demonstrate how to solve a Linear Equation while playing Pokemon Go. While I was playing Pokémon Go recently I caught my first Bronzor- a steel and psychic type Pokémon that can evolve into Bronzong. Upon catching it, I realized that I had an opportunity to solve a linear equation. I want to know how many more Bronzor I need to catch before I can evolve it into Bronzong.

For those of you not familiar with Pokémon Go, here is some important information that you may need in order to follow along.


We need to catch wild Bronzor in order to earn candy. We will need to acquire 50 Bronzor candies before we can evolve. For every Bronzor we catch, we earn three candies. We can transfer Pokémon to the Professor in order to earn extra candy; for each Pokémon we transfer we will earn one candy.

For those of you that may be familiar with the game, you may know that it is possible to use Pinap berries in order to earn more candies per catch. For the sake of this video, we decided to assume that all Bronzor would be caught without using Pinap berries. We are also assuming that the trainer will only keep one Bronzor in their inventory and all others will be transfered to the Professor.

Solving a Linear Equation

In order to determine how many more Bronzor we will need to catch in order to evolve into Bronzong, we start by writing down the information that we already know.

Candies earned per catch: 3x

Candies earned by transferring to the Professor: x

Current number of Bronzor candy: 3

Total candy needed to evolve: 50

We then take this information and create the following mathematical sentence:

4x + 3 = 50

We can then solve for x. We find that x = 11.75.

We can’t just circle x = 11.75 and call it our answer, because the x value indicates to us that we would need to catch a partial Pokémon, which is not possible. Therefore, we need to round our x-value up or down. If we round down to eleven, we won’t have enough candies to evolve, so we need to round up to twelve.

We can then be confident in our answer and say that in order to evolve Bronzor into Bronzong, we need to catch 12 more Bronzor.

I hope this video was useful in helping you understand how to solve linear equations. Give this post a big thumbs up if you play Pokémon Go and go check out our Fourms pages where we have a bragging board as well as a friend request page.















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e to use Pinap berries to earn extra candies. For the sake of this instructional video, we chose to assume that the player would not use Pinap berries while catching any Bronzor.

In the video, you can see that we have written out our terms and then created a mathematical sentence in order to solve for x. We find that x=11.75 and we then discuss that we need to round our answer up to 12 because we can’t catch a partial Pokemon.

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