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Our first music class!

Yesterday, Arthur and I went to our first mommy and me music class! We sang songs and danced and used rhythm sticks and tambourines. We even did the hokey pokey. Arthur had a blast! Even though Arthur is one of the younger students, I am hoping he will develop some great skills by participating.

We began the class by working on listening skills. The instructors played a song for everyone, and asked that they bounce along with the rhythm. The children had to listen to the instructions, but, more importantly, they had the opportunity to listen to music and internalize the rhythm as the danced. This encouraged them to more actively listen, which is a skill all of us need.

After this initial song, the instructor handed out instruments for all the children to play with. See cycled through different instruments, beginning with rhythm sticks, followed tambourines, then finally shaky eggs. Here, again, the course instructor demonstrated for the children. After watching her play, the children were the responsible for copying the movements and repeating what she did. By replicating what she did the students had the opportunity to work on their skills following directions and producing results.

Even though Arthur was learning while playing, he enjoyed the process immensely. He had a smile across his face the entire time. Even though he was a little young to follow all of the directions given to him, he was able to follow most of what was being done.

Not only did Arthur enjoy the class at the time, he also carried that excitement home. When the were dancing the hokey pokey, Arthur was so excited he ended up leaving the circle they started dancing in. He danced into the middle of the circle and showed off his dance moves to the rest of the children. He really loved shaking it all about. Later that evening, while we were getting ready to give him a bath, he even started dancing to the hokey pokey. Seeing him recall the things he had been shown earlier in class made me proud of how much he was learning.

Overall, the class provided a great way to teach Arthur while entertaining him. He got to listen to music, express himself and play with other children during the day. Both of us really enjoyed the experience. If you have to opportunity to try such a class with your children, I would highly recommend it.

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