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Snowboarding accident

It is a wonderful winter day in Aspen.  The air is brisk and the snow is beautiful.  I decide to take advantage of the opportunity and spend the day on the mountain snowboarding.  The excitement and thrill of furling myself down the slopes overwhelms me with joy.

As the day is coming to an end, I make one more run down the mountains.  As I am doing so, I suddenly feel an impact on my snowboard.  Just a bump in the in the hill caused by the snow, but I’ve felt myself get thrown around in a circle and I slide down the hill.  I try to move and get back up, but my leg won’t respond.  After the initial shock, the pain sets in and I can tell there is something seriously wrong.

-Paraphrased from my brother’s description.

What happened

My brother, Joe, had lived out there for a significant amount of time working as a chef and spending all of his freetime snowboarding in the winter, or hiking/ biking in the summer.  The past couple of years, he’s spent time working as a chef on private boats, so when he had the chance to head back to Aspen and do some snowboarding this past week, he was all too eager to take advantage of the situation.  However, on Monday, he had a serious accident on the slopes as he hit bump that he didn’t know was there.  The fall threw him, and he ended breaking both his tibia and fibula in a spiral break.

I’ve included his x-rays below in case you were interested.  However, you will have to click to see them since I didn’t want to force you to look at the x-rays of a broken leg.

Leg X-rays


Thank you

I just wanted to take the time to share the story with you, since hearing it had a deep impact on me.  Joe was rushed out to surgery after the accident, and he is currently recovering from both.  I hope he’ll take it easy for a while, however, he doesn’t have insurance, so he wants to get back to work as quickly as possible in order to help pay for the medical bills.  Thank you for letting me share with you, it helps to just write down what I’m feeling.  I hope you’ll take the time to send your thoughts and good wishes to him as he heals.  His girlfriend has also set up a go fund me page to help him out with the hospital bills in the hopes he’ll let himself heal before trying to get back to work.  If you’d like to donate, I’ve shared the link below.

Thank you,

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