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A winter wonderland!

This past weekend was a snowy one here in Richmond. Since we don’t get snow that often, I enjoyed watching the snowflakes fall and accumulate on the ground.  I held Arthur as we looked at the window, and the smile on his face warmed me inside.  At seeing his face, I thought about ways that we could imagine the snow, even when it was too warm to have any.  I decided that create a snowflake sensory bottle would be a great way to capture this feeling.

In Science Education through Sensory Bottles, we created a sensory bottle based on sea life.  Using that bottle, I have been able to talk to Arthur about different animals, and he has really enjoyed playing with it.  I was sure he’d also love to play with a sensory bottle that modeled the snow, so I got to work making it.


For the bottle, I used a Voss water bottle, Crayola glitter glue, 18mm transparent starflake beads (shown below) and some super glue.


After collecting my materials, I proceeded through the following steps.

    1. Remove the sticker from the outside of the water bottle
    2. Fill the water bottle half-way up with water.
    3. Add white glitter glue (amount dependent on your taste).
    4. Add a large handful of the starflake beads.
    5. Fill the bottle remainder of the bottle with water.
    6. Place super glue on threading of cap and close.

As a note, the glitter glue did not dissolve immediately for me. However, after leaving the bottle overnight, the glue had properly dissolved into the water leaving behind glitter. The glitter really made it look like there was snow in the bottle.

The finished product in the sunlight.


The moment I gave the bottle to Arthur, a huge smile formed across his face. He proceeded to run in circles around the coffee table, shaking the water bottle as he ran.  He stared intently at the flakes and was utterly amused.  While the bottle is less colorful than the sea life bottle, the simplicity of the shining beads and glitters makes it just as stimulating.  I’m sure Arthur will be able to continue to enjoy the bottle for quite some time.

As a variation on the snow bottle, you could also add in additional items if you choose.  Some ideas I thought about were using penguins, seals or whales.  Having these in there would allow me to talk to him about Antarctica.  However, after adding the starflake beads and glitter, I felt like it was perfect the way it was and didn’t need anymore added to it.

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