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Calculus Review

It’s snowing in Richmond. Therefore, the entire city has shut down and the residents are hiding at home. As this white fluffy powder layers the ground, we are left scrambling as to how to continue with our daily lives.

In the midst of this, my students are trying to study for their finals. While staying at home may keep them focused on studying, it will also prevent them from making it for my review session tomorrow.

In order to accommodate them, because I want them to do very well in the final, I will be attempting to hold my review virtually. That is, from 10AM-1PM EST tomorrow, 12/10, I will be live streaming on YouTube trying to answer questions.

The stream will be available here.

Join us if you’d like to review some Calculus.

Thanks to everyone that came for the review, I hope your finals go very well!  If you missed the broadcast, you can still view the video.

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