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Geometry for Toddlers!

I’ve been interested in creating a felt board for Arthur for a few months now and I’ve decided that I’m going to make it for him as a Christmas gift. I feel that it’s a gift he can grow into because I can simply add to or change the felt pieces as he grows. I have some of the supplies I’ll need already, but I do still need to purchase the supplies to make the felt board itself.

I have these pieces of felt to start with and I’ll be making shapes. I want Arthur to learn his shapes and colors and I think this will be a fun way for him to do that.

Here are my first shapes. I started simple with squares and rectangles.

I made these pieces today while Arthur was napping, and left them on the floor. When he woke up and found them he started manipulating the pieces in his hands and I couldn’t help but smile because I know that he will love to play with these. I will also be making some triangles, circles and ovals. I want to start simple with just some shapes and be able to add to his felt piece collection as he grows.

How will a felt board grow with him?

Felt boards are typically used with pre-school age children to tell or retell a story. Children my develop their own story and use felt pieces to illustrate it as they go, or they may use the felt pieces to summarize or retell a story they just read. We’ll be able to help Arthur develop important literacy skills by having him retell stories using his felt board.

They can also be used as math boards by allowing children to place pieces on as they practice counting or addition and subtraction. Providing children with something to manipulate while practicing their math skills will help them to grasp concepts and explain their thinking.

These boards can also be used to introduce patterns, practice spelling words, learn geography, and so much more!

Have you used a felt board with your child or students before? In the comments let me know what you liked best about your board. If you enjoyed this post, be sure to hit that LIKE button and share this post with your friends.

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