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Last night of summer.

It seems that everyone has their own demarcation of the last day of summer.  Officially summer goes through September.  For many people, labor day is the last day of summer.  However, for me, summer ends when school goes back into session.  Since it is 1:00 AM as I am writing this, today is the first day of classes for me.

It is an exciting time of year.  New classes bring new material to cover, new students to meet and a new opportunity to try things out in the classroom.  However; at this point, I am just anxious.  I have been laying in bed and my mind won’t stop firing.  Different thoughts and questions rattle off in my brain without a moment’s pause; what will the new students be like, can I be charismatic enough to hold their attention, will they find the material interesting, will the first day be a good start or will it set the tone for a miserable semester for students and teacher alike?

I know that as soon as I get into the classroom, the excitement will come back and I will be happy to the have the opportunity to talk about math, the subject I love, again.  This nervousness will fade away and the normal state of being will return.  However, for tonight, everything is unknown.   While the experience of the past tells me what this day will be like, my mind wants more information about this particular day and won’t accept past experience as proof that tomorrow will be fine.  Therefore, I lie awake in bed as these questions continually go through my mind unanswered.

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